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We look forward to seeing you again! To unprecedented situation comes unprecedented organization.

Your safety, and that of our teams, is our priority.

Faced with this unexpected situation, we had to adapt in order to meet you again and please you ! The pastry shop is now open from 10 am to 3 pm from Wednesday to Sunday with a selection of seasonal viennoiseries, pastries, sandwiches and breads.

To extraordinary situation, extraordinary creations! You can now order our products by click & collect! Just fill your cart online, pay your order and come and collect it within 24 or 48H!Thus you can organize your outgoings and avoid waiting in the queue on simple presentation of your confirmation email. Easy, quick and efficient !

We assure our customers that this opening is done in perfect harmony with government measures and that a device is put in place to ensure the safety of our customers. We remind you the importance to respect the barrier gestures in order to limit the spread of the virus. Thus our team works in small staff, wearing mask and gloves are mandatory.

Pastries will be packed as soon as they are made to avoid prolonged contact with the open air. We also inform you that the creations in presentation will not be intended for sale for obvious reasons of hygiene.

We look forward to seeing you again and we assure you that despite our masked faces those are big smiles that hide behind !

The tea room is currently closed to the public in accordance with government measures.

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