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What is Click & Collect ?

Click & Collect allows you to make your purchases online from home and to pick up your products in store on the desired date! It’s easy and quick!

Where and when should I pick up my order ?

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with the date, the shop address and the pick-up hour. Be careful,it is not possible to pick-up the products from the Cedric Grolet Opera shop at the Le Meurice shop and vice versa.

I would like to order for tomorrow but I am given a minimum of 48 hours or 72 hours, why?

Some of our creations, especially large pieces, require more preparation time and a longer production time. For all orders placed after 3 pm, the minimum time limit is 72h. Thank you for your understanding.

Is it possible to order a pastry from the Opera shop and pick it up at Meurice (or vice versa)?

The production of our pastries is done on site at both sites. Each production is therefore linked to its point of sale and it is therefore impossible for us to transfer the products from one point of sale to another. The products available on the Le Meurice interface are only available for pickup at 6 rue de Castiglione and the products available on the Cedric Grolet Opera interface are only available for pickup at 35 avenue de l'Opéra.

Why can’t I buy Fruit at Cedric Grolet Opera shop?

Fruits are the marker product of the Meurice boutique and their production is made only in the hotel laboratory. These are therefore only available for pickup at the shop 6 rue de Castiglione.

Can you order products from both stores at the same time?

It is possible to order the products of the two boutiques however these will be separated into two baskets and two separate orders since you will have to pick up the products of the Meurice at the shop 6 rue de Castiglione and the products of Cedric Grolet Opera at the shop 35 avenue de l'Opéra. Depending on the products, the manufacturing times may be different and the day of withdrawal may also vary. We advise you to read the information indicated below the product.

I would like to have my pastry order back before 10am for Cedric Grolet Opera or noon for the Meurice, is this possible?

The shop opens its doors at 10am or noon so it is not possible to pick up your order before.

Do I have to wait in line to get my order?

No, you must get noticed by a member of the team indicating that you are coming for an order withdrawal and submit the confirmation received by email. They will give you your order as quickly as possible.

Is it possible to order products for two different dates?

No, you will need to make two separate orders on the relevant dates. Two confirmation emails will be sent to validate your two orders.

Why can’t I order for a later date?

It is not possible to order more than a month in advance simply because we change the menu regularly, depending on seasons and the products available from our suppliers. A creation can be à la carte in March and be replaced by a new one in April!

When I am on site to pick up my order, would it be possible to make a new order?

It is possible to make a new order however we cannot allow you not to queue.Indeed this would not be very respectful for customers who have patiently waited their turn.

Is it possible to book a table in Opera/ a table for the Tea Time du Meurice?

You can book a table on the booking tab. For tea time at the hotel Le Meurice the booking tab will guide you to the hotel’s booking interface.Any modification, cancellation or specific request must be sent directly to the hotel, Cedric Grolet Opera and the Meurice shop are in no case in charge of the management of these, as they are a different entities.

Can we order fruit off menu?

The fruits online on the website are the only products available for sale and correspond to seasonality. We refuse to produce hazelnuts in May, for example.

What methods of payment are accepted in store?

We accept payments by Credit Card, American Express and cash in both shops.

Where to get the books?

Books in French version are available for online purchase for in-store collection. The Fruits version in English is also available at the Meurice shop. The FNAC Special Edition is only available in FNAC stores.

Is it possible to have it signed?

If the chief is present on the day of your coming he will signed it to you but we cannot assure you his presence.

I bought a pastry and it arrived broken or split.

The packaging is designed and tailor-made so that desserts cannot break.We are in no way responsible for a transport problem (motorcycle, bike) or a person who may have pushed you in the subway. If this is a completely different problem, we invite you to contact the following address and explain your experience : contact@cedricgrolet.com

I found a piece of nuts

Indeed it is a thing that can happen because we make our own pralines, creams and other preparations based on nuts so it is not impossible to fall on a piece.

I bought products and I would like an invoice

If the confirmation email is not sufficient we invite you to send your request to the following email address: contact@cedricgrolet.com

I would like to do an article or report, who should I contact?

For Le Meurice shop, please contact Alexandra Chlopek, Press Officer at the Le Meurice Hotel at: Alexandra.chlopek@dorchestercollection.com
For Cedric Grolet Opera shop or the chef Cedric Grolet, please contact Nicolas Hoyet at the following email address: contact@impr.fr

I would like to make a story or pictures for instagram?

You are free to take pictures and stories for your Instagram content in each of the two stores. However no free exchange is possible for this type of service.

I bought a fruit and there is no decoration sheet

Indeed the leaf is an element of decoration of the fruits in presentation. We cannot buy enough sheets for each of the creations sold.

What time can I pick up my order?

Pick up is possible from 10am to 5pm from Wednesday to Sunday at Cedric Grolet Opera shop and from noon from Thursday to Monday at Le Meurice shop. Note that when ordering, some pastries require a last minute finishing touch (c.f Saint Honoré poché minute). You may wait a few minutes before picking up your order.

How can I transport my pastries?

The preparation of orders is carried out by us, we pay special attention to the packaging of your pastries. The packaging is designed and adapted to facilitate transport and prevent the pastries from being damaged once they arrive at home. However, we recommend that you transport the pastries as straight as possible without any sudden movement (some of them can be very fragile) within 1h-1h30 depending on the outside temperatures. However, if your journey turns out to be longer, we recommend you to pick up your order with a cooler bag to ensure that temperature is perfect for pastries.

How can I keep my pastries?

Our pastries have to be stored in the refrigerator between 0 and 4 degrees in their packaging (to avoid taking moisture). It is preferable to eat them on the same day to guarantee the best freshness and flavor combination desired by the chef.

Is it possible to order a cake for more than 8 people?

It is possible to order a cake for more than 8 people. For this type of request we invite you to contact us at the following address with the description of your request and a member from the team will return to you : contact@cedricgrolet.com

I am a company or an individual and I would like to order a lot of products, how should I proceed?

For more than 20 pieces order we recommend sending your request to the following email: contact@cedricgrolet.com

I would like a tailor-made creation for an event, who should I contact?

We invite you to send your request to the following e-mail address: contact@cedricgrolet.com with date, place, number of people and occasion of the event.

I would like to organize an event with the presence of Chef Cedric Grolet, who should I contact?

We invite you to send your request to the following e-mail address: contact@cedricgrolet.com

I would like to meet Chef Cedric Grolet, how can I make an appointment?

Unfortunately it is not possible to make an appointment with the Chef for a photo or book signing. On the other hand, he regularly goes through his shops, if you meet him he will do it with great pleasure!

You did not find the answer to your question? You want to modify or cancel your order? Contact us!

Is it possible to have my order delivered to me?

An online store is specially dedicated to delivery. Deliveries are only available on Saturdays and Sundays. No order placed in click & collect can be delivered.

How will my order be delivered?

Deliveries are made by refrigerated truck in order to guarantee the freshness of our products. Each cake will be delivered in its Cédric Grolet packaging.

Can I have it delivered if the address is not on the list of cities served?

All cities available for delivery are listed on the site. If you enter an address outside of the delivery area served, your order cannot be delivered and will be canceled.

What are the delivery times?

Deliveries are divided into 3 slots. 09: 30/12: 30 - 12: 30/15: 30 - 15: 30/18: 30

How to receive my order and if I do not answer?

Please fill in all the information necessary for the good reception of your order and remain reachable and available in the selected niche in order to guarantee delivery. The courier will contact you directly by phone. In case of absence, the courier will wait 10 minutes and will automatically send an SMS. If, however, we do not manage to reach you, no delivery will be rescheduled and your order will unfortunately be lost. The Cédric Grolet Opéra boutique cannot be held responsible in the event of non-receipt of your order due to an absence or incorrect information.

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